Less fear, more cheer: getting involved with Stress Down Day.

by Josefine Hedlund

As Manifest’s Chief Happiness Officer, my role is to keep people feeling invigorated, motivated and happy. I’m talking dishing out the coverage crowns, organising Manifestival and making sure the table is covered in Fika delights come 3pm on a Tuesday. As well as the organisational skills and diary Tetris, my days are all about listening to people’s problems and easing or preventing as many as possible. So when I found out this quarter’s pro bono project is working with FirstLight Trust to promote Stress Down Day, I immediately knew this was my thing and wanted to be involved.

Lucy Peacock

What is Stress Down Day?

Stress Down Day is an awesome initiative supported by FirstLight Trust, supporting ex-service people, aka heroes, who are struggling with mental health. And with workplace stress being reported as an issue across the UK, mental health is something we could all be more aware of. This is why on Friday 27th October, companies and individuals will be donating money and taking a moment to focus on themselves to de-stress.

84% of employers acknowledge that they have a responsibility towards their employee’s mental wellbeing. As well as this, employers who invest in their teams’ mental and physical wellbeing will save money and ultimately run a more successful business as a result. But despite all the evidence, there remains a pervasive culture of silence over stress and mental health at work. It’s not rocket science y’know.

At Manifest, we’re already well on the way to less stressful working lives with the introduction of Unlimited Holiday, Flexi Time and our Balance package. We’ve even added in more options specifically aimed at wellbeing, such as annual Headspace and Calm subscriptions, plus our weekly personal training sessions, which include yoga and meditation. Namaste.

In need of some inspiration for how to get involved and unwind this Stress Down Day? Fear not, we’ve got you. Here’s what we’ll be up to…

Stress Down Day inspo

Stress Down Day

Work hard, Play[Station] harder.

Stress Down Day

Get me some coloured pens — Staedt!

Stress Down Day

We’re here to Namaste.

Stress Down Day

Street meet.

Stress Down Day

There’s a nap for that.

Stress Down Day


Over to you

Now go forth and de-stress. Shout out to your CHOs and Office Managers and get them to sign up right here right now. Then tell your friends and get them to do it too. Share pictures of what you’re up to on Friday with the hashtag #stressdowndayuk, tag @firstlighttrust and encourage everyone you know to get involved. You know it makes sense.

Like what you see from FirstLight Trust? You can read about all the incredible things the charity does (like judgement-free support cafes all over the country) here.