Manifest Advent Calendar #12: Auden

by Martin Farrar-Smith

Today’s highlight is ‘that moment when’ we took Uberima through our BrandManifesto process and said goodbye to their old brand and hello to Auden.

The mainstream finance and fintech industry has a fairly bad rep but Uberima were adamant that things could be different and that they could bring about change in a consumer economy increasingly focused on purpose.

We had to create something that could garner trust in the most sterile of brand contexts and an increasingly demanding consumer base. We also needed a process that directed us away from classification and stereotype in a sector where literal names often restrict brand scope and longevity. To emphasise our unique approach, we needed something that sounded different. Individual. Human.

Step forward, Auden.

Meaning ‘old friend’, Auden has a soft but strong phonetic makeup, looks beautiful, feels human but avoids commonality. It’s old English heritage reflects our traditional values, but its rarity gives it contemporary appeal. It’s unisex, and can be both first name and last name.

It feels established, but not establishment and provides a blank canvas on which to paint a standout brand personality, aesthetic and tone of voice. It doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before, and yet, it feels like it has been around forever. That, in our opinion, is the elegant strength of Auden.

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