Manifest Advent Calendar #17: Manifest NYC’s 2017

by Martin Farrar-Smith

Today’s highlight is ‘that moment when’ we sent Jessica Becker to NYC and things went from awesome to awesomer.

Looking back on 2017, it was an exciting year for Manifest New York!

After wrapping up some pretty epic moments including launching the first female orgasm pop-up shop in the Lower East Side (shout out Hot Octopuss!) and moving office to take our talents to Brooklyn — we were joined by new faces including Daniel Hue Lee, Jessica Jarrett, Kayla Campbell and Moll Levine. The Americans® are taking over!

We’ve given a warm welcome to new clients including 8fit, Select World and Workfront, with more exciting projects in the pipeline for 2018. And, although New York is ‘the city where dreams come true’, we’ve had a good time visiting the other best coast for recent trips to LA and San Francisco.

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