Manifest Advent Calendar #5: Craft & Origin

by Martin Farrar-Smith

Today’s highlight takes us down memory lane, on a rebellious route around the UK in a vintage VW Bus, oh yes, we’re talking about Craft & Origin’s guerrilla sampling campaign.

Armed with a bus full of wine, branded merch and two very daring Brand Ambassadors Bill and Ben, (no, really), Craft & Origin took to the roads to visit over 100 Tesco stores to show their customers what our wine was all about, and where they could find it on the shelves.

Following on from our strategy team’s Brand Manifesto and content strategy work, Manifest was tasked with getting the brand into the hands of the customers. We transformed a vintage VW Bus into the wine wagon with call to actions for consumers to engage with us and “Follow Us For Wine” and spent eight weeks handing out wine samples and fake tattoos… With an increase in sales, engagement, and social media communities, the tour was a great way to increase brand awareness with its key millennial target audience. Stay tuned for more antics from Bill and Ben

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