Manifest New York helps Museeum have a change of art

by Becki Hemming

Agency appointed to handle Museeum’s re-launch and open up the museum experience

Museeum, an online hub devoted to enriching cultural experiences, has appointed Manifest New York to handle its re-launch and social media strategy and communication.

Founded by a team of art professionals and enthusiasts that span four continents, Museeum goes much further than a traditional reviews website. The platform aims to awaken the public’s interest in more than just the art and artifacts displayed in museums, and inspire them to explore other elements of the museum experience. These elements include mind-blowing architecture, amazing food, unconventional shopping, breathtaking gardens and stimulating learning activities.

Julia Tarasyuk, co-founder of Museeum, commented:

“We knew we had found our partner in crime in Manifest when the ideas kept flowing and immediate connections were made. Creativity and inspiration is never ending here! With incredible efficiency and excitement this team kept a promise of a fruitful collaboration starting a fresh and young cultural adventure with us.”

Jessica Becker, Director of USA & Canada at Manifest New York, commented:

“Museeum shows another side to museums. Through the re-launch and social media communications, we’re aiming to reveal the gems tucked away in some of the world’s best museums and prove it’s not just the art fans who can visit and love to spend time in these wonderful spaces.”

Manifest New York will develop a social media strategy to give Museeum a voice across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and future proof the brand from launch onwards. Alongside the bespoke strategy, the agency will also develop an influencer launch program to kickstart a global social media movement.