Manifest shortlisted for 13 (yep, 13) PR Moment Awards

by Martin Farrar-Smith

It’s been busy at Manifest recently. From launching a new office in Stockholm to starting our own podcast, via reinventing the agency structure around a new model of integrated communications, inspiring under 25s to transform the election landscape and taking down Donald Trump. We’ve barely stopped for a cuppa (ok, we’ve had about a billion cuppas).

So it’s always nice when the PR Moment Awards roll around as the first big awards event of the year. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and see how we did. Well, according to the judges — we did pretty well. They have shortlisted Manifest and our work 13 times this year (thank you, judges). Here’s the lowdown on those:

So cross everything for us on March 22nd when the awards night rolls around. If we win all thirteen, Neil (our London MD) has promised to buy everyone a McFlurry. Big spender.

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