Manifest TV Cribs: Come and join us in our amazing work environment.

What do you need from an office? Chairs, desks, windows, plugs, water, air… yes, we have all that. BUT, if you decide to take up residence alongside Manifest, a brand communications agency that has been awarded THE best place to work at the PR Week Awards, then you’ll get a whole lot more!

Firstly, we have Julian Obubo, our Nigerian-born, American-sounding, vibes-man, who brings sunshine to our office on a daily basis. Check out his Cribs video….

Secondly, we have BrewDog on tap, they’re one of our clients and our fridge is always stocked to the brim with something to quench everyone’s thirst. Thirdly, we’re situated between 3–6 mins (depends how fast you walk) from Chancery Lane and Farringdon stations so we’re dead connected. And fourthly, is that a word? You’ll be owning your very own(ish) penthouse suite which is reminiscent of that New York loft apartment you’ve always dreamt of, light, airy, floor to ceiling windows, views of Manhattan, well Farringdon, but you get the point.

If food is your thing (isn’t it everyone's?), then there is Leather Lane and Exmouth Market, award-winning (probably) food hubs serving up a whole host of culinary delights, both only a stones throw away. Also, we can’t miss a shout out to Maureen, our flower dealer who has the best foliage in the whole of London, but the office does turn into an urban jungle when she has a plant sale…

If you’re a one-man band or a thriving startup of 20, we’ve got your back. So, come and join us for beers, and probably some work stuff in there somewhere too.

Some other things we should probably tell you about — there is a cleaner, he’s very nice and from Uruguay, there is free tea and coffee from India / Colombia… a meeting area, boardroom with TV, aircon, showers… BUT above all that standard stuff we’re a really friendly bunch, we even have a happiness officer, and she has a dog named Mabel, and we’d love you to become apart of our extended family. Keen to view? Email us on

Welcome Home Sexy!

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