New Year, New Manifest Revolution

by Guy Marturano

Manifest Revolution

At the start of the new year, we laid out our Manifest Revolution — a series of resolutions that we want to implement throughout 2017 that would ensure everyone here works harder, smarter and better. Creativity, cultural relevance and strategic insights run deep through every facet of work we create at Manifest, so this year we decided to introduce a number of steps to make sure we continue to deliver the high standard of work our clients have come to expect.

Manifest Revolution in action

Just over a month into the year and we’ve already nailed some of them. All of the others have been put into motion and we’re set to have our revolution sooner than planned. Here are some of the highlights:

New roomies

Broadening our horizons by surrounding ourselves with interesting people that operate outside of the PR world is one way to ensure we constantly have our finger on the pulse. So, last week moved into our London ‘bond-villain’ style penthouse to share our working space with us. is on a mission to ensure that everyone has ownership of their personal data and can choose how, when, where and by whom that data is used — ground breaking thinking that looks to change our perspective on how we interact with big businesses and a philosophy that we can all learn from.

Knowledge is power

We already have 52 books on the shelves of the Manifest library because our thirst for knowledge, about our industry and the industries our clients operate in, is insatiable. Just because we work in PR doesn’t mean that reading lists should stop at newspapers and magazines, we have everything from Velocity by Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander to Beer is Proof God Loves Us by Charles Bamforth so that the team has a continuous source of material to learn and draw inspiration from.


Following the opening of our Stockholm office last year, and because everything is better in Sweden, we wanted a piece of the Fika action in London and New York too. Fika is a Swedish tradition ‘to have coffee’, essentially just taking a break out of your day to have a coffee or tea and some cake with colleagues — no technology and no work chat; just casual conversation and cake. We know that the best ideas are formulated down the pub with mates, and we go to the pub a lot, but an informal chat during the week not only breaks up work, making us more productive, it also ensures that those great ideas aren’t just created in the pub.


We’re all a creative bunch and we want to make sure that this year we’re coming up with bigger and bolder ideas for our clients across the globe. As we move into 2017 we want to continue making sure that our creatives are meaningful — not just two dimensional stunts that drive headlines. We firmly believe that boats are the only thing that should be floated down the Thames. So, by putting everyone in charge of the creative process, and ensuring the ideas we come up with are born out of insights and strategy, we’ll make sure our campaigns continue to capture the media’s attention whilst telling our clients story in a clever, well thought out way.

No mobile phones

This is the only one of our revolutions we’re still getting used to, but as soon as we have the ‘no phone’ trays outside our meeting spaces, everyone will be putting their mobiles down before they enter. Not only is giving the person that’s called the meeting our undivided attention the polite thing to do, it means that everyone will be more engaged and our meetings will be streamlined.

We’ll keep you updated on Fika, our reading list and how we’re getting on sans phones over the course of the year. But, if you like the sound of our Manifest Resolutions then join the revolution, we’re currently recruiting at Activist* Director level.

*Associate Director for the norms out there ;)

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