Sex Sells: Manifest NYC Brings Home Best Consumer Launch at PR Week U.S. Awards

by Moll Levine

“Who the fuck is Manifest New York,” we overheard someone asking, as they browsed the program for the PR Week U.S. Awards last night. We showed them exactly who the fuck Manifest New York is an hour later when we graced the stage to collect the award for the BEST CONSUMER LAUNCH campaign across the U.S. Next level proud.

So what made us worthy of this award? Well last year, our fave sex toy company, Hot Octopuss, briefed us to launch their first female sex toy — The Queen Bee. With female empowerment at the forefront of every important conversation in the country, we wanted to use this as a chance to encourage women to take control of not only their bodies and their sex lives, but also of their orgasms. With at least 15% of American women admitting they had never orgasmed and many feeling dissatisfied with the orgasms they did have, we embarked on a mission to help women realize that they could be in control of their orgasm by being more open about masturbating and sex, ultimately leading to happy, healthier lives.

We flung open the doors to The Changing Room: By The Queen Bee in August 2017. Nestled between a deli and a jewelry store in Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side, the pop-up opened the same day Hot Octopuss’ latest sex toy hit the market. Forget food fads and sample sales, this was the world’s first orgasm pop-up store.

Women were invited to the space for a full orgasm makeover with sex therapist and orgasm stylist Diana Barone, before slipping into a silky robe and heading into one of the luxurious private changing rooms to try out the brand new Queen Bee and try on their brand new orgasm.

2,500 women tried to get into the store and reporters from Cosmo, New York Post, Paper Mag, Vice and Bustle all went through the full experience themselves. We landed coverage in every main consumer title, increased online conversations on masturbation by 16% immediately after the launch and sales of the new Queen Bee were 350% more than the total cost of the entire campaign.

So yea, that’s who the fuck Manifest New York is.

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