Six words can make you feel

Lauren Kaufman
Sep 6, 2019 · 2 min read
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When it comes to creative thinking, we tend to be our own worst enemies. Shooting down simple ideas that don’t meet our highest expectations, when in reality — they may be the greatest ones. Sentences need not be long to be impactful, and ideas need not be complicated to spark interest.

As a creative agency, it’s crucial that we constantly challenge ourselves to think outside of the box and cultivate an environment that is conducive to all types of creativity. In an effort to keep the juices flowing, we conducted a writing workshop and challenged each other to write the world’s shortest story — in just six words.

At first, some thought it to be impossible, but after about five minutes we were crying, laughing, oohing and ahhing — and by the end of the day we were all a bit wiser (and quite possibly needing to see a therapist?)

Here’s how we got along:

  • She wanted to go. He didn’t.
  • The time felt right. It wasn’t.
  • Why not? Because I said so.
  • What’s there to lose? Only everything.
  • The dog slept peacefully. I cried.
  • He turned over suddenly. Something changed.
  • The wind whistled throughout the night.
  • Why can’t we stay? It’s dangerous.
  • Please don’t. I want you here.
  • The door opened. We went inside.
  • Stay calm. They’re normally outside cooking.
  • Do we need help? Sure do!
  • The car was stuck in water.
  • Get into bed. It’s too late.
  • Dinner was served, but he resisted.
  • It’s all fun and games. Right?
  • Do it for the story, no?
  • You make things complicated — it’s fascinating.
  • Have you ever tried it? Once.
  • What if we go? It’s impossible.
  • It’s over because I said so.
  • The window’s open. Don’t look inside.
  • He didn’t bother me. She did.
  • I found what I’m looking for.
  • Go on vacation. You need it.
  • Are you looking for a sign?
  • Six word stories can be deep.
  • They can also be quite simple.
  • But who’s to say what’s better?
  • It’s up to you and me.
  • Give it a try. You won’t.
  • Or maybe you will. Who knows?

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