Creating for the Void

Creativity—for Which Purpose?

Should you create deliberately for a particular audience?

What happens when you do? You will be limited, for unconsciously you will have your audience in mind while creating, thus somehow you’ll be twisting your creation for pleasing that audience …

I believe that most original creators do not really care for their audience. This is not their primary focus. They focus on self-expression, on their art itself. This is their main focus, and I think this should be so. Of course, we all know that the commercial artists creates with their audience in mind, for it’s material gain that appeals to them and from this perspective it makes sense to know one’s audience and do all to satisfy the particular tastes of that audience.

As an artist myself, a writer, composer, pianist, photographer and visual artist, I sometimes wonder what my audience is? I am clueless about it, for my intention for creation is not commercial, but original. So I do not bother actually but I have made some observations, much against my intention. It just was striking my eye that today audiences are and want to be more and more anonymous. This is unfortunate for it doesn’t seem to be conducive to honest and natural exchanges between people. It adds much artificiality to human exchanges, and encases them in certain categories, such as ‘business relations’, ‘internet relations’, ‘family relations’, and all the rest of it.

I think the relationship between an artist and his audience is characterized by a clear polarity. The artist comes to the public with an intention, and the public responds to the artist by attention. Attention and intention hang together.

What makes human evolution is desire, constant desire, not the satiation of desire. Desire produces attention. Satisfaction produces a dull mind. As attention is absent to my creations from the public, the only conclusion I have for this fact is that they have no desire, which is why they are unable to form attention. They are satiated! They may have many individual desires, but they don’t have, most of them, any cultural desire.

And that’s why creation is always for the void, for the motor of creation is desire. More precisely, it’s soul desire connected to soul values. It is not the fact to have a receiver on the other end, not the fact to being rewarded with an audience, with appreciation, or recognition.

Creation is desire, pure desire, and it doesn’t need an object. The void is fluid, as consciousness is fluid. Creation proceeds within the void, the quantum field, the vacuum. It is from the vacuum, from the non-manifest, that it becomes manifest. And all true insights come from the intuitive realm, not the intellectual, reasoning, mind. And as this is so, the feedback is given from a larger audience, in fact, and this audience is invisible. This audience consists of spirits. They respond to any true artist, they do!