Questions or Answers?

Why I Like Questions

Answers block wisdom. Questions invite wisdom.

My only problem is me, not the world.

The world is good and bad, hot and cold, light and darkness.

The world is all the shades of gray, not black and white.
It is not moral and not immoral, it is merely existential.

When I care for my happiness, I care for all beings,
When I care for the world, I care for an illusion.

Peace and war are the ups and downs of relationships.
When I interfere in the world, I interfere in nature.

When I stay removed from good and evil,
I stay afar from corrupting my soul values.

When I tell others what to do, I neglect my own virtue.
When I care for myself, I care for all that is.

The world talks, I listen. The world hates, I love.
The world yells slogans, I observe my thoughts.

The world cherishes and celebrates this or that hero,
I cherish and celebrate the subtle wisdom of the universe.

The world gives answers, I ask questions.
The world is sure and proud, I am unsure and humble.

The world says there is good love and bad love,
I say love cannot be good or bad as it is but subtle energy.

The world asks authorities and indulges in idol worship,
I ask my inner guide and recognize the oneness in duality.

The world is outgoing, I am ingoing.
The world is following leaders, I am following myself.

The world gives praise and blame,
I give love, for I have nothing else to give.

When I stay away from judging the world and myself,
I stay away from entanglement, and remain a free man.