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Manifold Finance — Q3 Roadmap


Moving forward, we’ll be providing updates every month for a 3-month planned roadmap. This specific post will focus on July/August only, and we will update it by the end of July to outline the full three months.

We’re dividing our roadmap into four subcategories:

  • General Roadmap
  • Strategies Roadmap
  • Governance Roadmap
  • Community Roadmap

Here’s what we have in store for you in Q3 of 2021!

Our plan for expanding and advancing the Manifold Finance ecosystem

General Roadmap


  • Initial availability of USD Markets fiat gateway (on-ramp)
  • Multichain relay and arb (limited)
  • Partnership announcement


  • YCabal v2 (the non-rebate system)
  • Availability of developer tooling for application integration
  • Lightweight nodes SDK for integration
  • Roll out Relayer API (generalized service gateway)
  • Account Abstraction

Strategies Roadmap

  • (dev) Nexus Mutual
  • (dev) Lido
  • (dev) strategy
  • Derivatives instrument (in progress)
    We’ll give you a preview of this later this month.

Governance Roadmap

  • LP Beta program compensation
  • Miner incentives program
  • Adoption vote for staking/delegation mechanism

— All of the above proposals are scheduled for August!

At least four governance proposals are to be deliberated and voted on by the first week of August. The most important one will be the staking implementation, as there are some different ways of utilizing staked tokens that may be more appealing to some users.

Community Roadmap

Effective governance starts with clear communication.

We will officially launch the forums and Discord on Wednesday, July 21st.

You can go ahead and register on the forums already!

LP Program

We will be providing $25,000 to those who provided liquidity during the LP Incentive Program. We thank all of you for your involvement.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team via Telegram or email:

To find out more about Manifold, head over to our official channels:



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