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2020 Self Care Resolutions You Need

Dec 31, 2019 · 3 min read

As the decade comes to an end, we can’t help but reminisce about how much the beauty community has grown. We hope everyone continues their self growth journey into the new decade, which is why we curated some self care resolutions to help you be a better you!

Give Yourself a Break

With the internet boom, we constantly see what others are doing all the time. Burnout is serious, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a well-deserved break! Whether its meditation or reading, take 30 minutes a day without any technology or disturbances to be at peace. It may sound difficult to find the time, but 30 minutes of scrolling through Instagram won’t be missed after a few days of having ‘me-time’ — you’re worth it!

Damage Free Lifestyle

Society places unrealistic standards on how someone should look and behave. No one is the same, who says you need to be like the rest? If it’s not making you happy, quit the hair bleaching and weekly manicures. Do things because YOU want to, and not because others say you should!

Nails are a great example of this, as people want a polished look without realizing the damage it does. Nail breakage, cracking, peeling, and melanoma are all real and can happen to you. The solution — opt for a damage-free mani from ManiMe! The 30+ designs are bound to fit your style, with 3D modeling technology to create a custom fit just for you. A damage free lifestyle is possible!

Cut Out the Toxic

In 2020, let go of anything holding you back from being your best self. If you have to wonder if you should cut something (or someone) toxic out of your life, don’t ignore the red flags! You owe it to yourself to lead a healthy life, which includes the beauty products you own.

Not all beauty products are as closely regulated as they should be, it’s up to you to know if your beauty products have toxic ingredients. Sounds hard, right? ManiMe makes it easy for you to enjoy a toxic-free mani from the comfort of your home! All our gel stick-ons are 10-free, non-toxic and cruelty free, so you can enjoy a beautiful manicure, worry free!

Do Things You Love

Your happiness is your top priority, and nothing should stand in your way! We all have activities we miss doing; reading, hiking, dancing, being with friends. If only there were more hours of the day, right? Well, if your happiness is top priority, what’s stopping you from doing what you love?

Take at least an hour a week to do one thing you love. You will instantly feel more fulfilled and happy for taking some time to just be yourself. It’s something to look forward to after a long week, and will add up to a happier year!

We couldn’t be happier with how 2019 went. The launch of ManiMe highlighted the passion behind talented nail artists, the bond of an inclusive community, and the power of social media in connecting with others. We can’t wait to support the nail community even more in the new year, with some special collaborations! We love to hear your beauty resolutions in the comments below or, Happy New Year from the ManiMe family!



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