4 Reasons We’re Thankful for Non-Toxic Beauty

Nov 20 · 3 min read

There’s so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including the innovation that makes beauty safe to use. Can you believe high-gloss car paint was used as nail polish in the 20s, no thank you! Toxic beauty goes beyond the naked eye, check out 4 reasons why we’re thankful for safe beauty alternatives.

10-Free Formula

If you’ve ever gotten lightheaded from nail salon fumes (raises hand), then you may have been around 10 of the harmful chemicals used in nail industry:

There’s a reason why traditional nail polish is classified as household hazardous waste — do you want that on your nails? Didn’t think so. That’s why ManiMe’s 10-Free formula is the best for perfecting your look without risking your health.

UV Rays

Bet you never thought twice about the ultraviolet light used to harden your gel manicure session. This crucial step to seal in the gel nails actually emits harmful UVA rays that promote skin aging, dark spots, and can cause nail melanoma.

In countries like South Korea and Japan where nail art is no joke, nail technicians actually apply sunscreen on the client’s hand before beginning the manicure process. Has a nail tech taken that much care for your hand health? You don’t have to think twice with ManiMe, as there’s no UV rays required for these gel nails to last up to two weeks!

Leaping Bunny Approved

No adorable bunnies were hurt in the process of making ManiMe! We consider our pets family, and can’t think of harming them to create our products. We look to trustworthy groups like Cruelty Free International, and their handy Leaping Bunny program. This ensures ManiMe and other brands are held to rigorous standards in being cruelty free. Besides, bunnies + mani’s make the cutest combo!

bunny nail design from @25sweetpeas
bunny nail design from @25sweetpeas

No Dry Time

Have you ever painstakingly painted your nails and ruined them within 5 minutes? Join the club! That’s why ManiMe gel stickers have ZERO dry time, meaning you can stick your nails on and go about your day. Plus, the obnoxious nail polish fumes won’t annoy your neighbor. Perfect for last minute mani’s on a plane, bus or car (don’t drive and mani!)

No matter who you’re showing thanks to, don’t forget about you! Treat yourself to our NEW fall launch of gorgeous warm, autumn colors to get you in the festive feels.



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