Nail Art for Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness Support

Oct 31, 2019 · 2 min read

3 #hightechmani designs to bring awareness 24/7

Each year, around 245,000 women suffer from Breast Cancer and during the month of October, we band together to raise awareness and provide support. But, the disease continues to torment those affected when the month comes to a close. So, join us supporting these powerful women year-round with a Breast Cancer Awareness inspired #hightechmani.

At ManiMe, we pride ourselves on being female founded, run, and dedicated to women’s health and beauty. This year, we dedicated 3 special #hightechmani designs to Breast Cancer Awareness and invite you to join us in celebrating women with these fierce nail designs!

Power in Pink

There’s power in celebrating women, and that’s what the Power in Pink shade is all about! This beautiful pink shimmer and mirror mani is our signature Breast Cancer Awareness design, helping you show support for the ladies we love, respect, and honor.

Josie looking magnetic in the “Power in Pink” Metal Mani

Dusty Rose

Not all pinks are alike and this dusty rose makes that known in a big way. The perfect nails for making a statement while still being professional. Complete with a peek-a-boo pop of gold metallic, don’t be surprised when these beauties have you feeling yourself a little extra.

Brooklyn’s absolutely exquisite in our Lunula Love “Dusty Rose”


‘Fashionably late’ has met its match with our pleasantly punctual “Better-Lavender-than-Later. Get your barbie on with this light lavender pink and chic shiny silver. These stunning manis let the women in your life know that you have their back now & forever.

Janette wearing the “Better-Lavender-Than-Later” Metal Mani

So, as November arrives, don’t let your pink pride fade! Breast Cancer Awareness and supporting one another is a year-round, 24/7 exercise. This year, let’s pledge to elevate women with our words, actions, and, now, nails.

Shop the designs & show your support here.


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