Aug 16 · 4 min read

The month of pride just flew by and gave us major manicure goals. As beautiful as the rainbow already is, the rainbow manicures we saw at pride were on another level. We would be remiss not to share these colorful and inspirational designs. On another note, everyday is an opportunity to celebrate pride! So if you missed out during the official pride season, feel free to flex these designs and more any day of the year.

Here are 9 pride-inspired rainbow manicures looks that are both jaw-droppingly beautiful and easy to pull off.

1. Minimalist Rainbow

A true nail artist, Betina Goldstein, shared her modern minimalist take on the rainbow manicure. Using 10 different shades, she was able to curate a playful yet elegant array of diagonal tones. We envision this in neon, glitter, and even shades of grey for this coming fall.

Source: instagram @Benita_goldstein

2. Lisa Frank Inspired

Lisa Frank has been a cultural icon for decades, from decorating middle-school binders to now retro and relevant apparel. These glittery textured and neon dusted rainbow manicure plays a wonderful homage to both pride and childhood.

Source: Instagram @rachelveri

3. Love Is Love

Canadian nail artist Priscilla van Uden is known for her decadent and eye-catching nail art. Her “Love is Love” inspired pride design is not only a rainbow in theme, but each nail features a symbol of peace and love within the LGBTQ community.

Source: Instagram @nailpromagazine

4. Pink On Pink

Seemingly intricate and detailed, this nail design is like taking shades of pink and turning them into liquid diamonds that live on your nails. We love the illusion of movement this rainbow manicure provides, and we’d be happy to help you achieve this look with your subscription!

Source: Instagram @janesafarian

5. Lollipops & Red

A traditional red manicure with a twist: a lollipop rainbow on your pinky nail. Keep the red matte or glossy — that is up to you; but this designer is pulling off the matte look pretty well!

Source: Instagram @kandiyamz

6. Polka Dot Power

Sometimes the best designs go outside the box. Instead of presenting rainbow colors in traditional stripes, this manicure presents an array of different colors on each nail, offset by different shaded polka dots in the center.

Source: Instagram @daddy_long_nails

7. Ombre` All The Way

This Ombre look is the definition of perfection, it makes your nails look macaroon level cute.

Source: Instagram @s.paige.a

8. Half Moon Gems

Lusting for that rainbow manicure, but want to be extra unique? This is the look for you. Apply a unique color to each fingernail, but leave the bottom part clear, almost like a half moon. Add a little gem in the clear area, and you’re ready to go!

Source: Instagram @typhoidmari

9. Short But Sweet

Not into long nails? Keep them short! We love the simple yet festive french manicure with literal rainbow tips.

Source: Instagram @oliveandjune

There’s no one way to show your pride, and these nail designs are proof. If you have a pride design or rainbow manicure we missed and you think deserves some love, send a DM us to Peace, love, and pride to our ManiMe tribe!



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