Unforgettable Wedding Nails

Aug 28, 2019 · 3 min read

They say you don’t marry the person you can live with — you marry the person you can’t live without. This philosophy applies to all aspects of your wedding, including your wedding nails. Is there a design you love so much, you just have to use it on your big day? Whether the goal is to show off your unique style, or to add a subtle emphasis to your ring, we’ve created a list of our favorite wedding nail designs. From classic french manicures to glittering floral designs, we’ve got you covered.

1. Modern Marble Mani

There will likely be many textures at your wedding ceremony, and this luxurious marble manicure makes for a simple yet eye-catching wedding nail design. This would also look great in silver and white or pink and white, or even rose-gold, depending on the color of your band.

Source: Instagram @cassmariebeauty

2. Modern Watercolor Inspired

We love this romantic mix of watercolor clouds and geometric shapes. This wedding nail art conveys pure bliss without using words.

Source: Instagram @virth_lim

3. Sparkling French Twist

Square shaped, traditional, with just the right amount of glitter. This new take on the traditional french manicure pairs well with platinum or silver bands. We just love the juxtaposition between this classic wedding nail design and a disco ball.

Source: Instagram @misstessjorgensen

4. Gold, Gold, Gold.

What better way to seal the deal than with 24k gold. This blindingly glittering manicure is great for the big day and all through the honeymoon! ManiMe also offers a similar gold glitter design in the Beta (Sign up here to get a chance to be invited to our Beta!) completely customized to your unique nail bed.

Source: Instagram @tombachik

5. Queen Of The Brides

These wedding nails are best worn as shown — long, oval and ready to rule the aisle. Still using the classical ballerina pink and ivory as base, these nails incorporate studs, rhinestones, and glitter for some major emphasis!

Source: Instagram @thehautespot

6. Just The Ring

The concept of this wedding nail art is to showcase the ring. An ornate design, in this case flowers, is placed on the ring finger of the right and left hand. You could do glitter or do a different color altogether depending on your theme. We love this sweet and simple nail design, and would also like to see it in different and extravagant variations! How would you wear it?

Source: Instagram @l.s.beauty

There you have it. These are just a few of our favorite wedding nails, and that’s just the tip of our bridal beauty breakdown! Already walked down the aisle? How did you do your nails? Planning for the big day? What other concepts would you like to see? DM us @manime.co or email to hello@manime.co your cool designs and look out for ManiMe’s launching collection this fall! You might just find your own perfect wedding nails among our designs. Remember, when it comes to your wedding, don’t be afraid to ask for the tailor-fit, wedding nail art included.


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