Mobility Week 2018: A Showcase of Israeli Mobility Tech Innovation

Olaf Sakkers
Jun 5, 2018 · 5 min read

The automotive industry is becoming rapidly digitized and there are few places that are benefiting more from this digitization than Tel Aviv. Carmakers and suppliers are based in places like Germany, Detroit and Japan that specialize in precision manufacturing at scale, but they need access to the hi-tech expertise that is native to the Startup Nation: connectivity, silicon, analytics, machine learning and cybersecurity. This medley of skills has already seen an explosion of more than 600 mobility startups founded in Israel along with numerous acquisitions and world wide successes like Mobileye and Waze.

I’m based in Silicon Valley and I’ve never seen the scale and magnitude of startups focused on a single problem — mobility — as I’ve seen in Israel — Jeff Miller, Head of BD and Strategic Initiatives at Uber

Israel has always straddled East and West, but when it comes to mobility technology, it is the centerpiece in a global battle as incumbents and new entrants seek the differentiating technologies that will allow them to survive or even thrive as they contend with disruption. Mobility Week provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the Israeli innovation flowering in the mobility sector to visitors from around the world.

Monday + Tuesday

Curated meetings

Maniv Mobility closed off an entire floor at EY’s Midtown offices in Tel Aviv for two days to facilitate over 150 curated meetings for the dozens of visiting delegates which included major carmakers, suppliers, rental companies, insurers, ride-hailing companies and transportation network operators.

The Autonocast, the must-listen podcast for the New Mobility era, sent all three hosts for the week, and they were busy recording new episodes in Tel Aviv! The first one is already available and features yours truly:


In addition to the curated meetings, on Monday and Tuesday Maniv hosted private dinners for select group of automotive executives and entrepreneurs. The goal was to create a casual setting for networking with great food — the beachside restaurant Esperanto was the perfect venue.

Team Maniv (Danielle, Nate, Olaf & Mike) at one of the networking events

“Those with an interest in Future Mobility should visit Israel” —Kristina Church, Head of European Automotive Research at Barclays



The Ecomotion’s conferences took place on Wednesday. With over 3,000 participants, this year’s conference was huge! The conference offered an opportunity to see technologies first hand through over one hundred demo booths on the show floor as well as a demonstration track outside.

“Walking through the company booths it was great to see they were not manned by sales and marketing but by the CEOs or CTOs, which enabled insights into the technology and businesses — you don’t see this at most conferences.” Neil Schloss, CFO Ford Mobility


Jefferies Mobility Technology Conference

Thursday’s Jefferies Automotive Executive Forum at the Ritz Carlton right next to the Herzliya Marina provided a more relaxed environment for a smaller group of executives and startups to interact while enjoying good food, drinks and conversation!

“Without any doubt, Israel has established itself in the top league of tech hubs developing a multitude of key technologies dealing with the future of mobility” — Arndt Ellinghorst, Head of the Global Automotive Research at Evercore ISI

Mobility Week was a huge success for Israel’s mobility tech ecosystem and we continue to be astonished by the creativity and dedication of Israel’s entrepreneurs as well as the tireless work of those who help support the ecosystem. The tide of innovation is rising and the party is only just beginning!

Maniv Mobility is working to expedite the new age of advanced transportation technology, including safety, business model innovation, and vehicle autonomy. We believe that fundamental disruption lies ahead for the automotive industry as it moves to a new mobility paradigm and digital services become increasingly important. As the only Israel-based venture capital firm exclusively focused on the automotive sector, we invest in early stage startups and actively partner with them to help them thrive in this new ecosystem.

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Maniv Mobility

Maniv Mobility is enabling a new era of safer, greener…

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Maniv Mobility is enabling a new era of safer, greener, more accessible, less expensive and ultimately autonomous mobility by investing in cutting edge technology in Israel as well as the US

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