How much food did you waste?


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Today I want to bring you an article “How much food do you waste?”
Did you know how much of the world’s food is wasted each year? 
Where does it come from? 
Not restaurants, not supermarkets.

In Europe an incredible 53% of food waste comes from households.
The European country of Denmark has managed to reduce its food waste by a very significant 25%.

Selina is a household name in Denmark.
She comes from Moscow. A country had the collapse of infrastructure, so their food is shortage.
She started a Facebook page in 2008 called ‘stop wasting food.’
She convinced some supermarkets to stop selling their items in bulk, produced a leftovers cookbook, and working with three governments to set up an education programme in schools.


So Why?

It’s disrespectful, so food waste is basically also the lack of respect for out nature, for our society, for the people who produce the food, for the animals, and the lack of respect for your time and your money.

Other TV show

BBC ONE — Hugh’s War on Waste (Web, Twitter). It have three episodes.

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