The Amazing Healing Powers Of Scuba Meditation

There was a time in my life when I was pushing myself both physically and mentally to the absolute extremes of my limits. During this time, the most important thing that I did to help me maintain both my physical and mental health was to meditate under water.

At the time, I lived on Vancouver Island and diving was possible all year round. There was a fairly uninspiring dive spot close to where I lived, and an octopus lived there.

At about 30 or 40 feet of depth, I would rest on the bottom and just hang out with this octopus for 45 minutes or an hour. Just resting calmly and breathing deeply, I let the benefits of the pressure and quietness re-centre me.

I did this practice nearly every day for three years. Even today, I think about that spot, and how it formed the cornerstone of my meditation practice.

Under water meditation has many benefits for many reasons :

  • Reduced noise
  • Focus on the breath
  • Mindfulness
  • Increased pressure at depth helps with physical healing
  • A type of sensory deprivation
  • Being in the moment

Most people learn to scuba dive for the adventure and excitement, but I’ve found that the practice of underwater meditation is one of the most peaceful and calming things I can do to feel refreshed and re-focused.