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7.15 Billion $KMA Moved to Treasury

Calamari has officially locked 7.15 billion $KMA into the treasury. Moving forward, the funds will be unlocked through governance.

Total Locked $KMA

While the PLO was originally 30%, the entire allocation was not required to secure the parachain slot on Kusama. A total of 2.28 billion $KMA (2,277,429,443 $KMA precisely) were exhausted for the PLO. While that amount has fully been distributed to Calamari Network crowdloan contributors, 66% of those distributions have been unlocked for claim at the time of writing this article. 34% remains locked.

Commitment to Decentralization

Calamari Network has been focused on taking a decentralized approach to bring privacy to the entire Kusama ecosystem. The network was born from a fair token launch approach; no tokens were reserved for core contributors or private investors. The first users to receive the token were those who contributed to getting the Calamari Network parachain up and running. This was done by successfully securing a parachain auction through the Kusama crowdloan.

About Calamari Network

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