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A Look Back at 2021

Manta Network has been hard at work this year!

Humble Beginnings

As we mentioned, Manta Network started off as a curiosity for the founders. We all met in Cambridge, MA. Victor was studying for his Masters in Economics at Harvard, Kenny was pursuing an MBA at MIT, and Shumo was building out the smart contract systems for Algorand (which was a project that started at MIT).

Manta’s Growth in 2021

In 2020, Manta Network focused on planning. We conducted the survey to quantify the problem; we wrote and published our white paper in an e-print of IACR to announce our plans and receive public feedback for it; and we started fundraising and bringing on the most strategic investors that aligned with our vision for privacy.

Looking Forward to 2022

While the world settled down for the holidays, the Manta Network team was still hard at work pushing out its last goals for 2021. We formally released governance for Calamari Network, launched our first governance-enabled runtime upgrade vote, and pushed out the Windows Signer update for Dolphin Testnet. With all of these accomplishments checked off during the last month of 2021, we are excited for continuing our rate of progress into 2022.

About Manta Network

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