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Calamari Network Governance

As a first step towards decentralization, Calamari changes and updates moving forward will be decided as a community.

Today, we are announcing the official launch of Calamari Network’s on-chain governance. Previously, Calamari Network had already activated the features for on-chain governance through a recent runtime upgrade. Now, we are releasing documentation, support guides, and a community forum to involve the community moving forward.

Calamari’s governance is conducted in a decentralized manner, and can be found here (make sure you are connected to Calamari Network). The process is straightforward for pushing new referendums, as described below.

Phase 1: The Launch Period

The launch period is a period where new proposals can be put forth either by the community or by the counsel. The community-based proposals are categorized into two types:

  • Proposals can be submitted by any $KMA token holders
  • Externals are proposals that come from the counsel

Phase 2: The Referenda

If a proposal receives enough backing, it becomes a referendum. In the Referenda stage, any token holder can place a vote of whether or not they support it. The more $KMA tokens you put behind your vote, the more weight your vote receives. Any $KMA that you put into voting is locked up for the period of the referenda.

Phase 3: Enactment

If a referenda receives enough vote, then the proposal is automatically encated. If the referenda fails, nothing happens. Once the referenda voting period is complete, you are able to unlock the $KMA you used to vote.


For more complete documentation on the workflow, process and features of on-chain Calamari governance, please review the official documentation page here:

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