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Introducing Dolphin Testnet

The Mantamari Private Transaction Testnet on Substrate

Using Dolphin Testnet

1. The Dolphin Signer (Download for Mac OS)

The Dolphin Signer (currently available for Mac OS; available for Windows and Ubuntu soon) is a local signer that users use to privatize transactions through Manta Network.

2. The Faucet for Obtaining Tokens

Because Dolphin is a testnet, you can imagine it as its own enclosed ecosystem, simulating the actual Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems. In other words, the actual Polkadot/Kusama parachain tokens won’t work on Dolphin — for good reason; since Dolphin is a testnet, something may still go wrong, and if that happens, we certainly don’t want you to lose any real tokens. So our solution is simple: give you some testnet tokens!

Once you’re in our Discord Channel, look under the General category to find the channel called #dolphin-faucet.

3. The Testnet Application

Dolphin testnet allows you to transact to others users privately. To do this, you just need to go to the Dolphin testnet app. If you need instructions, you can either view our video tutorial or read our documentation to see how to privatize tokens, privately transact to different addresses, and reclaim public tokens from the private tokens you receive.

Dolphin Block Explorer

What the data from a private transaction looks like on Subscan

About Manta Network

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