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NFT Lending and Its Implementation

Why Do We Start with NFT Lending (or Lending-related Products)?

Fractionalized NFT is great. But who really knows the rules?

Hottest Vault on NFTX now: CryptoPunk (Jan, 2022)
  1. The fractionalization process is too complicated. And NFT holders may not have participated in DeFi liquidity mining before. Even if they do, it’s possible they were only at the beginner level. Who likes to go through so many procedures to borrow money?
  2. After fractionalizing the NFT, you cannot redeem the original NFT. This is actually quite paradoxical. Most NFT holders (borrower) just didn’t have the money at the time. They still want to keep their own NFT, otherwise they can just sell it. No one should want to borrow money and end up getting another NFT back.

P2P lending. Kind of a waste of time…

Screenshots from NFTfi Discord group. Buyers and sellers are discussing loan orders.

Automated Market Maker. Is it possible?

Hey Flow holders, this will be your option for cashing out! :)

The Future: Real NFT Loans Are Still To Be Discussed.



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