Expanding MANTRA DAO’s Governance & Upcoming Grants on Discord

MANTRA DAO’s just launched Discord channel will provide Sherpas a new home to track all of the ecosystem developments while further growing their participation in governance.



Hello Sherpas! As we get closer to MANTRA DAO’s second birthday on August 18th, we are giving a sneak peek of our plans for the next step in our evolution. While we gear up to begin sharing more information on what we have been working on, we wanted to invite all our Sherpas to join our official Discord channel to get ready to participate in our DAO and upcoming Grants ecosystem in more meaningful ways.

For the first two years of MANTRA DAO’s journey, we took a cautious approach with what we called “soft governance” to prevent the risks that could come with decentralizing too rapidly. We believe much of MANTRA DAO’s rapid growth and success have been the products of clear, efficient, and effective leadership, as demonstrated by our results over these two years.

We want to extend a warm invitation to Sherpas who are interested in continuing to shape the future development of our platform to join in and bring their voice to MANTRA DAO’s governance through the Discord channel.

Our Next Steps Towards Decentralization

As our community supported MANTRA DAO through the non-stop building of the first two years, we feel that MANTRA DAO’s upcoming two-year anniversary is an appropriate time to further decentralize and allow you to play a more active role as stewards of MANTRA DAO’s suite of open source and interoperable tools for the benefit of both our community and the team.

We feel that our growing MANTRA ecosystem, as well as the upcoming MANTRA Chain (about which we will have more information soon), can support and provide a variety of opportunities for our community, partners, and interested developers alike. We aim to have the DAO and the upcoming Grants program provide support for anyone who wishes to integrate with our ecosystem and work with us. Our goal is to achieve this by providing and maintaining effective channels for communication as a DAO through Discord.

We believe that by cultivating active and focused governance-engagement with our community, we can go farther together. Having a thriving community that understands how to utilize our open source technology, network, and DAO-infrastructure will bring about creative and innovative ideas and possibilities born from community collaboration.

We want to cultivate now, more than ever, the vision that as a community-first organization we can build a decentralized and interoperable web3 ecosystem at the forefront of blockchain technology.

With that introduction, we would like to introduce how we will use Discord as a community hub that our Sherpas can proudly call home.

MANTRA DAO Discord — Gateway to Web 3.0

Join MANTRA DAO’s Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/HCfkAJ9aX3

Following the requests of our Sherpa community and review of best practices, MANTRA will move to Discord to host its DAO and governance ecosystem. Through this space, our community can not only have access to a host of different channels with the latest news and updates, but also private brainstorming sessions and collaborative opportunities where Sherpas can share their ideas, discuss potential proposals, and share views on MANTRA’s direction.

As MANTRA DAO is the steward of the core open source protocols that feed the larger MANTRA ecosystem, we aim to create a balanced approach that ensures crucial elements of our suite will not be deleted or negatively impacted, while allowing the community freedom to build upon the features of the protocol.

Decentralization will increase over time and more community governance features will be unlocked upon reaching milestones. We will provide updates that give clarity to members on the goals and milestones each quarter.


Since our launch of “soft governance” on Snapshot, Sherpas have been able to participate in governance by holding and voting with their sOM (staked OM). While snapshot governance has allowed our community to share proposals for MANTRA DAO’s governance, as we begin to explore additional governance possibilities, we believe that integrating Snapshot and other future governance tools into Discord will allow better visibility, foster communication, and provide better organization.

We will soon publish a separate document detailing our updated Governance processes and our framework to further community participation in the coming weeks. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation to enable Sherpas to understand how to utilize MANTRA DAO’s resources to help build and improve the MANTA ecosystem alongside the community and team.

Proposal & Grants

To ensure and encourage those who are looking to receive assistance and resources to support the MANTRA DAO ecosystem and who will be looking to build on the soon to be announced MANTRA Chain, the Grants program will directly support the health and ongoing growth of MANTRA DAO. Following our second birthday, the Grants portal and structuring will officially be open for applications processing. More information will be posted regarding the launch of the program, but any and all grant applications related to public activities will be able to be found through MANTRA DAO’s new Discord channel under!


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi ecosystem focusing on cross-chain DeFi products. MANTRA DAO has built a suite of DeFi services including a multi-asset staking platform, money market lending protocol, gamified rewards pool, and token issuance launchpad. The suite is natively built on Ethereum, with cross-chain products currently on BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Terra, and are currently working on launching these services on HECO, Polkadot and our own native MANTRA Chain in the near future.

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