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Our GalaxyFarm Pool will go live on March 9th, 2:00PM UTC.

As we kick off our first farming pool on Router protocol’s GalaxyFarm which we announced last week today, we will begin by extending a $30,000 bonus reward along with Polygon, Router, EasyFi, UNION Finance, and Razor Network to create a reward pool worth over $180,000!

Our GalaxyFarm pool will be a Polygon OM/USDC pool and will go live today on March 9th, 2:00PM UTC on

For us, this is a huge step towards our goals to move onto Polygon based services. As we begin our support for OM on Polygon, we wish to jumpstart the ability for our Sherpas to familiarize themselves with Polygon and execute their first Polygon layer two transactions all within the easy and intuitive Dfyn platform.

-Please note that to provide liquidity of Dfyn, you will need the Polygon wrapped versions of both OM and USDC.

-Watch a video on how to navigate Dfyn here.

-Once you have provided liquidity, you can take your LP tokens and stake them on GalaxyFarm.

-Read how to farm with Dfyn LP tokens here in the “Now time to stake LP tokens on Space Farm” section towards the end of the article.

GalaxyFarm Pool Details

  • The reward pool is set at $30,000 per protocol. For example, users that stake their OM tokens in the GalaxyFarm pool will earn yield for all participating tokens at the same time!
  • The GalaxyFarm Pool will go live on March 9th, 2:00PM UTC.
  • The Pool will last for 30 days.
  • Tokens can be unstaked from the GalaxyFarm Pool at any time.


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About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain liquidity infra primitives that aims to seamlessly provide bridging infrastructure between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions.

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