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We will be kicking off our ZENTEREST Asset staking pools with zenUSDT & zenUSDC

Supplying on ZENTEREST just got a lot more interesting! Sherpas who are supplying assets on ZENTEREST will now be able to stake their zenAssets to earn additional OM!

To kick things off, the first two zenAsset pools available are zenUSDT and zenUSDC on Ethereum.

Our pools are now available to stake and rewards will begin on September 29th 10:00 AM UTC.

You can now stake zenUSDT & zenUSDC in

As an update to our native ZENTEREST enhanced OM rewards, we are giving our Sherpas another avenue to be rewarded for participating in our ecosystem.

Staking Terms

  • IMPORTANT: Please note that if your zenAssets are being used as collateral, you will not be able to stake them in the pool.
  • zenAsset pools will have a 8 day unstaking timer for rewards claiming only.
  • The strategy for the first month is 0.25 OM per block or roughly equivalent to 50,000 OM per month per pool.
  • APR will appear as 0% before the rewards begin on September 29th 10:00 AM UTC.
  • If you wish to stake your zenUSDT or zenUSDC but have any outstanding loans, please ensure you repay your loans in their entirety otherwise you will be unable to stake.


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