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Polars ZENDIT: Announcement + Participation & Pool Details

$POL Pool Opens on Tuesday, May 25th, 11 AM UTC

An incredible utility of DeFi is the ability to create transparent prediction markets for any type of event. From prediction markets based on football matches, to political event outcomes, to your favorite UFC card, the possibilities are endless! On the Polar’s platform, you will be able to trade BLACK and WHITE Polar tokens where if the WHITE TEAM wins, then the WHITE token rises in value, and the BLACK token falls in value and vice versa. With their POL token used in the Polars ecosystem to manage the platform, vote, revenue share, increase yield farming APY, and create new polar tokens launching on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot on the way, Polars will be launching their $POL token on ZENDIT!

Polars is getting ready to ZENDIT!

Snapshot Taken on Friday May 21st, 10:00 PM UTC

Whitelist Closes Saturday, May 23rd, 12 PM UTC

Whitelist Winners Announced Monday, May 24th, 12 PM UTC

Pool Opens on Tuesday, May 25th, 11 AM UTC

What is Polars?

  • To participate in Polars base pools, BLACK and WHITE tokens are generated using the mint function. The minting of tokens occurs when the user pays collateral in the form of the underlying asset to the underlying pool. For example ETH or USDC. When the user returns the BLACK and WHITE tokens to the base pool, they are destroyed by the burn function, and the user gets back the underlying asset that was backed by the BLACK and WHITE tokens.
  • When working with the Basic Pool, a market maker gets some advantages over a regular user in the form of no commissions for minting and burning tokens BLACK and WHITE. The market maker can carry out Mint and Burn at any time as many times as they want.
  • In the Secondary Pool, platform users buy and sell BLACK and WHITE tokens, as well as exchange them among themselves by paying a SWAP fee. Liquidity for the purchase and sale of BLACK and WHITE tokens by users is supplied by market makers who have taken this liquidity from the Base Pool.
  • In the trade pool, trading can be conducted online all the time. Here the price is formed by the participants, and the token price formation algorithm is similar to the Balancer algorithm.

Participation Tiers

Sherpas who meet these participation requirements will be eligible to enter the highest participation tier they qualify for on a per-wallet basis. One wallet can only participate in one tier and cannot participate in multiple tiers.

Our participation tiers for ZENDIT from highest to lowest are:

Tier 1 EVEREST — Supplying 50,000 OM on ZENTEREST (zenOM)

  • Max Allocation Amount: $700

Tier 2 ACONCAGUA — Staking 40,000 OM or supplying 40,000 OM on ZENTEREST (zenOM)

  • Max Allocation Amount: $560

Tier 3 DENALI — Holding 30,000 OM in your wallet, staking 30,000 OM (sOM) or supplying 30,000 OM (zenOM)

  • Max Allocation Amount: $420

Tier 4 KILIMANJARO — Holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT OR staking 15,000 OM (sOM)

  • Max Allocation Amount: $280

Tier 5 ELBRUS — Holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet

  • Max Allocation Amount: $140

Round Tier and Terms:

  • Public Round Tokens
  • Fully Unlocked upon TGE on June 8th, 12 PM UTC

Polars ZENDIT Pool Details

  • Token Ticker: $POL
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Raise Amount: $70,000
  • Total Available Tokens: 350,000 $POL
  • 1 Pool: Private Sherpa Pool
  • Asset Pool Pair: USDT/POL
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.2

Instructions for Whitelisting

  1. Join the Polars Telegram community:
  2. Follow MANTRA DAO and Polars on Twitter: &
  3. Like the announcement tweet of the Polars token launch on ZENDIT on the Polars Twitter page and retweet!

4. Final step, complete this entry form before May 23rd, 12 PM UTC

After the whitelist closes on May 23rd, 12 PM UTC, we will be randomly picking a limited number of Sherpas for each tier who will have access to the pools and will be announcing the winners’ ERC-20 wallet addresses via our Twitter and Official News and Announcements on Sunday, May 24th, 10 AM UTC.

Please note that even if you are randomly selected to access the pool this does NOT guarantee you have an allocation and you will need to act fast in order to take part in the pool!


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance. MANTRA DAO leverages the crowd’s wisdom to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem, MANTRA DAO gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

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About Polars

The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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