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Step-By-Step Guide for Navigating ZENDIT and Accessing Pools

Get yourself ready for our upcoming ZENDIT pools!

As we unveil ZENDIT for the first time, we have prepared this step-by-step guide for our Sherpa community to familiarize themselves with the token swapping process! Keeping our Sherpas in mind, we wanted to make the platform as straightforward and easy to use as possible:

  1. From the ZENDIT icon on the left side panel, Sherpas can accessing and viewing all Upcoming, Live, and Ended ZENDIT pools.

2. Once you click on the desired pool, you will enter into the pool interface.

3. Once in the ZENDIT pool screen, a few hours before the launch of the pool you will be able to pre-approve the smart contract so that they can more easily participate in the pool when it goes live.

4. Once you click Pre-Approve Pool, you will need to verify that you are NOT a citizen of the United States, China, Hong Kong, or any OFAC listed country.

5. Once you click Confirm, you will need to approve the contract with a gas transaction on the wallet you are using.

6. Once the pool goes live, you will then be able to click Join Pool.

7. Next fill in the amount you want to purchase.

8. Once you fill in the amount you want to purchase, you will be able to click Confirm Purchase.

9. Next you will need to confirm the amount you want to spend, as well as verify that you are also not a citizen of the United States, China, Hong Kong, or any OFAC listed country.

10. Once you Confirm then you will be prompted by your wallet to execute the transaction.

11. After you process the gas transaction then you will next see this screen to confirm that you successfully joined the pool!

12. Depending on the pool type, tokens will either automatically be sent to your wallet (if the pool is 100% unlocked and on TGE) or you will need to wait until the official Token Generation Event when the tokens will then be distributed based on the vesting schedule.

We are excited to ZEND more up-and-coming, high-quality projects to our Sherpa community! If you have an incredible project that is interested in “ZENDING IT” with MANTRA DAO, please be sure to fill out a ZENDIT form here so that we can view and get in touch with you.


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