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FAQ: How are you using my data?

TLDR: We don’t. It’s just there to power your Manual of Me.

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I’ve had a few people ask this recently — and it’s an entirely fair question: “How do you use my data?”

Some of you have observed that Manual of Me is a potentially rich treasure trove of insights on the people who have completed manuals, and could be analysed and interpreted and used in any number of ways.

It’s true — it is full of gold, and that’s why we built it, so you can explore, discover and share those rich insights about yourself with your colleagues, with the people you work with, or even just with yourself.

The insights, however, don’t come from an algorithm, they don’t come from AI or clever analysis, natural language processing or machine learning — they come from you taking some time to sit down and reflect upon how you work best with others.

Our exercises and questions are designed to encourage you to think about the positive and negative experiences you’ve had working with people over the years, and surface the most valuable observations, so that you can build stronger relationships and communicate your needs clearly. The benefits are all yours.

But we (well me) don’t use that data in any way.

At the time of writing, there are over 11,000 manuals on the platform, and I’ve not looked or processed or analysed or interpreted or parsed or done anything with that data — and I don’t intend to. Firstly, it’s beyond my technical capabilities — I wouldn’t know how to gather insights at mass across all of the data on our platform. Secondly, it’s your content, not mine — sure, we hold it in a structured system, so you can easily edit and share it, but it’s not my data to use. Thirdly, I have no intention on using that data in any way — yes, I’m sure there’s a whole load of really interesting things we could uncover, but that’s not why the platform exists. It’s here to help you create a Manual for you, not us find patterns or correlations in a large population.

We don’t ever share that data with anyone (you choose who you share your content with), we don’t sell any sort of email addresses or content within the manuals, and I have no plan on advertising at you or becoming the next zuckerberg.

You can read our full privacy policy which goes into a little more detail where your data is stored, and your rights under law, including asking us to delete anything we hold on you at any point, or send me an email, and I’m happy to answer any more questions!



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