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FAQ: How can I access my Manual of Me?

TLDR: We’ll email you a link to access your Manual, no password required. Just visit

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So, you’ve created a Manual of Me, spent time choosing your questions, completing your answers, and filled out your account profile. Congrats, you’re the newest member of our community!

But now, perhaps you’re on your phone, on a different laptop, logging in from smart fridge — how do you access your Manual of Me on a new device?

Easy peasy. Just visit — or indeed any page on the site which requires you to be logged in — and you’ll be asked for your email address. Enter the same email address you used to register your manual, and then check your inbox — we’ve sent you a “magiclink”.

Click on the magic link and you’re back into your Manual of Me, and won’t need to do this again unless you clear your cookies or move to another new machine.

We use magiclinks rather than passwords for a number of reasons: firstly, it removes the need for you having to remember yet another password; secondly, it removes the risk of your password ever being compromised, your Manual of Me is as secure as your inbox; and thirdly, they expire when you’ve clicked it, so no-one else can access your manual.

But I’ve changed my email address / moved to a new company!

This happens occasionally when people move from one business to another — no worries, just contact me via the support page, and I’ll help you out.

But I’m not getting the emails through to my inbox?

We’ve never heard of this happening, but email me via the support page and I’ll help out. We have a couple of ways of making sure you’ve got access to your Manual of Me at all times.

But I never created an account, I was invited by someone else?

The process is the same if you created an account or were invited. It will use the email address you were invited to.

But I didn’t enter an email address?

Uh-oh. If you didn’t save your Manual of Me after creating it, there’s not much we can do. You might be able to use the same computer you used previously, and it perhaps you’ll still be logged in. Go back to, and make sure you’ve saved your name and email address.

Manual of Me helps people explore and explain how they work better together. Create yours for free at




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