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FAQ. How do I add custom questions to my team?

If you’re using Manual of Me for Organisations, you have access to custom questions for each of your teams. Here’s how to add custom questions.

1. Navigate to your “Manage Team” page

Visit the Manage Team page you’d like to modify the questions for — you’ll see at the top of the page a list of navigation options, including ‘Questions’.

2. Click Add Questions

Below the list of questions for your team, you’ll see an ‘Add Questions’ button, click that.

3. Use the Custom Questions tool

At the bottom of the “Add Questions” page — you’ll find the Custom Questions tool. Enter the title of the question you’d like to add, and hit “Add this question”

4. Reorder the questions if required

Once you’ve hit ‘Add this question’, you’ll be returned to the Manage Team page, and you can see the custom question in the list of team questions. You can rearrange / reorder the questions if required.

5. Deleting custom questions

You can remove a custom question at any time by hitting the X in the question list. Be warned though, if you remove a custom question, it will no longer appear for your entire team. Your team members will not lose their answer to this question in their manual, but it will no longer appear for your team.




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