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FAQ: How do I add images to my Manual of Me?

TLDR: Manual of Me Plus supports attachments, which allows you to add images to your entries.

A picture is worth 1000 words, so they say.

We designed Manual of Me specifically to allow your own form of expression — no tickboxes, no quizzes or algorithms — just your own answers in your own words. And we know that many people are visually led, rather than wanting to communicate in words.

So we’ve added “Attachments” to Manual of Me Plus, giving you the opportunity to upload images which express your answers too.

Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash

How to add an image to your Manual of Me

1/ Login to your Manual of Me at

2/ Click on any entry in your Manual, and below your answer, you’ll see a new button called “Add Attachment”

3/ Click that button, and you’ll be given an option to upload an image, which you can choose from your local computer. (Images around 1100px wide work best, as they fill the width of your manual.)

4/ Once you’ve selected your image, you’ll see a preview on your entry page.

5/ Click “Save Answer” to publish the image to your Manual.

You can replace or remove the attachment by following the onscreen instructions at any time.

Image Attachments are part of Manual of Me Plus, or if you’re a member of a Manual of Me team, you’ll have access to this too. We’ll be adding more features to attachments soon, including embeds, so you can truly customise each entry. Got any suggestions for what else you’d like to see your Manual of Me do? Drop us a note.



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