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FAQ: I’ve got a team of 25+ people, can I create a Manual of Me Team?

TLDR: Yes! We have team licenses which support all the way up to 100 people (perhaps your whole company!)

Manual of Me works for brilliantly for individuals — where someone can create their own Manual, choose what they want to include, and then share it with colleagues.

But when you’re working as a team, it can be helpful to have a central place where you can all see each others manuals, and create a set of standardised questions which you’re all answering — and that’s why we created Manual of Me for Teams.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

It’s super simple to get started:

  1. Create a Team by giving it a name (and your email address if you’ve not created a Manual of Me account before).
  2. Choose the purpose of the Team Manuals — this helps everyone understand why you’re creating and sharing manuals with each other.
  3. Select the questions you’d like to share with each other.
  4. Invite your team mates.
  5. That’s it!

If people already have a Manual of Me, their answers are automatically included in your team manuals. If they don’t, they’ll be invited to register, explore and answer their questions.

Within minutes, you’ve got a team of people sharing their Manuals with each other — and a place where you can easily find each others manuals, and view everyone’s answer to a specific question at once.

And of course, everyone has access to all of the exercises related to those questions too.

But what if your team is larger?

Manual of Me for Teams costs £9/month, for this — you’ll get access to the core Teams functionality, and invites for up to 15 people.

If your team is larger, we can upgrade your team to Manual of Me for Teams Plus — which supports up to 30 people, as well as additional features such as custom questions (yes, you can add absolutely any questions to your manuals).

If your team is REALLY large, we can support as many people as you’d like — for example, one company has over 250 people using the Manual of Me.

Let’s chat to find the best way of managing your larger teams: we’ve found it’s more effective to create smaller groups of people who can see access each others manuals, whilst also providing a way for everyone in an organisation to find each other when needed, as well as internal training for managers on implementing manuals and explaining what they are.

Anything is possible. Just ask.
Or get started by creating your own team.

Manual of Me helps people explore and explain how they work better together. Create yours for free at




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