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FAQ: What is a beta feature?

New features we’ve added to the platform, that might still have a few issues, but we’d love your feedback!

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I try to continually develop the Manual of Me platform, based upon feedback we get from our members, new ways of using the manual, and observations of what could be useful.

When I create a new feature, I try and test it as much as possible (to make sure nothing breaks and it is intuitive to use), but the best type of testing is to give it to someone else, and see how they use it! So, I tend to push new features to the platform initially as “beta” features, which our Plus Members (those who upgraded their individual account and those who manages teams) can access first before we roll it out to the rest of the platform.

During beta, you can use the feature, and provide us with any comments on things that don’t make sense, things it doesn’t do well, any bugs (when things don’t work) or just generally if it’s useful or not. Once we’ve had people using the beta feature for a while, we iron out any issues, and let everyone have access to it.

If there’s something you’d like to see the Manual of Me do, let me know, and I’ll consider how we can help support the idea.




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