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FAQ: Why aren’t my team getting their invites?

TLDR: In rare cases, our emails get trapped in spam filters, but your team members can also find their invites within their own Manual of Me teams page.

With our new Manual of Me for Teams functionality, team leaders can create a team of people, choose the questions they’d like their team to answer and share with each other, and invite team mates — all via our platform.

Each team member is sent an invite email which allows them to click a link, and join your team. If they don’t already have a Manual of Me account, it’ll help them create one quickly. If they already have an account, they’ll simply join the team. Easy peasy.

They’ll get an email which looks like this…

From time to time, people don’t get their invite emails, and we’re asked to help. This is normally what we find is happening.

They were invited to the wrong email address.

Almost 9 times out of 10, their email address was added incorrectly — perhaps a typo in the email. Don’t worry. Just add their correct email address, and they’ll be with you in no time.

The invite went into spam or was deleted.

Occasionally, the email gets stuck in a spam filter, and they haven’t received it (and in lots of occasions, the individual wasn’t expecting any emails from us, and just deleted the message, assuming it was spam). If this happens, ask your team mate to check their spam folder, or send them a fresh invite. Visit your “Manage this team” >Members and click ‘Revoke’ on their address. You’ll then be able to send a new invite which usually works the second time.

It never arrived.

Very very very rarely the email just simply won’t arrive. Perhaps it went the long way around the internet, and got distracted. In this case, you can ask your team mate to find their invite via the site.

  1. If your colleague already has a Manual of Me account, ask them to go to their Teams page at — they’ll be able to see a list of teams they’ve been invited to, and click “accept”. Et voila, all done.
  2. If your colleague doesn’t have a Manual of Me account, ask them to create one, by visiting — they’ll be asked to create a Manual of Me (which they can either do, or just skip for now). They should then click on “Account” at the top of the page, and enter their name and email address [ideally the same one you’ve invited them to]. Once they’ve created their account, they’ll be able to access their invites using the same technique as above, by clicking on “My Teams”.

That’s not working either.

If you’re completely stumped, drop me a note, and I’ll help out.

But I’ve got hundreds of people to invite…

We’ll soon be adding a “invite your team” feature which allows you to send just one link to anyone in your team via messenger, via your own email system, put it on posters, whatever you feel valuable. A simple but powerful way of getting lots of people into your team at once, part of the “Manual of Me for Teams Plus”, which also unlocks additional features like branding and custom questions.

Manual of Me helps people explore and explain how they work better together. Create yours for free at




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