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How do I add an image to my Manual of Me?

TLDR: There are a bunch of additional features, available to Manual of Me Plus users, and you can subscribe for £2/month.

You might have seen my Manual of Me — I use my own Manual as the example of what you might include in yours. Take a look here.

Look! My face! And a cup of coffee!

But wait! You’ve got lovely images and magic modules like dynamic working hours and custom questions! I don’t have those features available to me?

That’s right, I have additional features on my Manual of Me, not because I’m super special, but because I have upgraded to Manual of Me: Plus Edition.

It’s only £24/year, and new features are being added all the time (although there’s an early bird deal for only £15 until Jan 1st).
Upgrade your account.

Isn’t Manual of Me free?

Yes —the Core Edition does a brilliant job at helping people explore and explain how they work best together with others, and has been designed as an accessible tool for all.

From the beginning, I’ve always wanted Manual of Me to be free, for everyone, forever — and the free platform provides a whole load of powerful questions, exercises to help you uncover your answers, and tools to share with your connections.

But I’ve also wanted to push the Manual further, and add increasing numbers of features which I’d find useful, and listen to our users about what they’d find valuable. This is how Manual of Me for Teams was created, and Manual of Me for Organisations, and Manual of Me for Coaches and our Manual of Me workshops. All from listening to how people use their manuals.

The additional features take me time to develop, and require additional software and hosting, which means the cost of running the project adds up — so there is a nominal fee to use the Plus Edition or Teams Editions to cover costs, and allows me to invest back into the platform.

Anyone who signs up for a paid edition of Manual of Me is helping everyone else who can’t afford to pay, access the platform for free.

Manual of Me helps people explore and explain how they work better together. Create yours for free at




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