Many Body Physics
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Many Body Physics

How quantum physics may save Earth from global warming

One of the oldest still existing rainforest in the world — Daintree at Cape Tribulation in Australia. It was the enourmous plant material produced in the forests of the Carbon age which got compressed to coal and oil
in the depths of the earth — and it is forests like this which are now endangered by global warming.
Where once was a mountain is now a hole — an iron ore mine in Western Australia.

The curse of Ohm

Heat loss is proportional to the square of the electric current — this is why high power lines operate at high voltage, therefore reducing the current.
High voltage power lines. The technique currently in place requires at least four independent cables spatially separated from each other: three lines carrying the A/C current and one ground line.
Photo by Manprit Kalsi on Unsplash

Enter Superconductors

Electron couple dance

Electrons flying through a conductor. They loose energy by hitting the atoms of the host material.
A Cooper pair gets ready to tango. The arrow behind the electrons indicate their spins — one of the intrinsic properties of the electron just like its negative charge.

The dancing couples merge

A Bose Einstein Condensate of Cooper pairs flows through a wire without any friction — a superconductor is born.

Can this even be used?

A new maglev train of the Shinkansen lines in Japan. They levitate on superconducting magnets and allow to reduce friction to just the one coming from the air. Taken from wikipedia.



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Alex Schuckert

Alex Schuckert

Trying to make sense of quantum physics with the help of green tea.