100,000 steps of wandering

At the sunrise of 2013 my resolution was to walk 10,000 daily steps and see where it would lead me.

I wandered. Melbourne showed me cafes, bars, laneways, big skies, green parks then many smaller surprises like this indignant pillar in the gardens. Ho Chi Minh City showed me cafes, bars, tunnels and markets. Hanoi is next. Movement is a sign of life and increasing our momentum each day, each week is a positive thing.

I use the Fitbit Zip activity tracker as a keychain to count my steps. People who wear simple step counters always move more than those who don’t. It’s like a little game and you are driven towards a high score, just a few more steps to move the number forward by midnight!

When it syncs to an iPhone you see your movement alongside that of your friends - giving a feeling of being truly connected even when you walk alone. Sunshine today? Everyone is out moving a lot. Rainy day? Everyone has less steps, except maybe Pip who wanders every climate.

Wandering helps us find things we don’t know we are looking for. You can begin with a direction or maybe a waypoint in mind, then get out there into the world. One foot after the next. That’s all it takes.

In the middle of February I had my first 100,000 step week.

I kept on wandering.