A FabCity Campus opened in Amsterdam

This week the FabCity Campus opened and between April 11 and June 26 more than 400 young students, professionals, artists and creatives will create, explore and present their solutions to current urban issues.

The problems they will be tackling? How can we redesign grim industrialized harbours into thriving sustainable living areas? How can we revitalise deteriorating neighbourhoods into close-knit residential areas with blooming communities? How can we adapt buildings and public spaces to climate changes, such as heavy rainfall? Or make residential, entertainment or work areas circular, closing loops such as water, waste and energy? How can resources and people flow freely through an increasingly dense city?

Map Your City as a design research tool

For eleven weeks hundreds of students and young professionals, divided into eleven multidisciplinary teams, research different transformation issues in eleven Amsterdam areas. They investigate concerns and issues which are not particular for Amsterdam, but are happening in cities all over Europe. Together they develop creative solutions to tackle these problems.

The students will use the Map Your City mobile app to map theses 11 areas and help them in their design research. As the research progresses the Europe by People web map will grow with their mapped results.

Map Your FabCity

During their introduction the students were informed of their European research mission and worked on their first mapping assignments to map their FabCity Campus. This enabled them to get acquainted with Map Your City, the research methodology and explore the Campus at the same time.

Photo: InHollandDiemen

About the program

The program Europe by People, The Future of Everyday Living will look into contemporary social issues through arts and design. It will consist of four elements: (1) an interactive Wall, (2) the temporarily built FabCity at the Java-eiland, (3) On Stage programme with theme based performances, exhibitions and projects.(4) Parallel programme in Brussels, consisting of performing arts, festivals and exhibitions.

Map Your City is proud partner of the Europe by People Off Campus Program

Originally published at mapyour.city on April 13, 2016.

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