More Map Your City Cool

Hey there — Here’s something we just did not want to leave unnoticed. The result of our hard work to improve your Map Your City App. So here are some of the new features we have added. We:

  • Improved our in-app support for you and got you a brand new Knowlegde base.
  • Added tutorial videos — so it is even easier to discover your app as your mapping companion.
  • Expanded the online Premium Dashboard (that is the part that “talks” to the mobile app and also let’s you create amazing web maps). Discover how you can seriously power up your location marketing as a premium member.
  • Ran general updates to make your app run smoother than ever.

Thanks for your feedback guys! If you love what we do, please give us an app store review. Your feedback, thoughts and suggestions are very important to us.

PS: Don’t forget to follow your favorite Organizations, play around with the cool 3d features and keep adding those locations ;)


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