Five Reasons to Monitor Your Supply Chain With Forest Report

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4 min readFeb 19, 2020


From cocoa, soybean, to palm, companies without effective forest monitoring systems are not only risking their reputations but also running afoul of regulators. Consumers, governments, and investors are demanding action, and new measures are being drafted to ensure commodities imported into key markets come from legal and sustainable sources. A recent study, however, revealed that almost half of all major companies buying high risk commodities don’t even have a deforestation commitment let alone a monitoring system. For companies who want to lead their peers, here are five reasons why Forest Report is the right choice.

1) Forest Report gets results

Our results speak for themselves. The Forest Report-powered Mighty Earth Rapid Response is one of the most influential palm oil deforestation intelligence products available. With 500+ grievances filed against major palm oil traders, 50+ supplier suspensions, and 10 deforestation moratoria, Forest Report provides Mighty Earth with an intelligence system that rivals those used by some of the largest corporate players in the business.

For example, 90 of the past 100 palm oil grievances filed with ADM — a major commodities trader — were from Rapid Response. We heard, anecdotally, that the Rapid Response system has resulted in so many palm oil supplier suspensions that at least one major trader is struggling to meet their supply quotas.

2) Forest Report is a field to board room system

Forest Report has proven so effective because it is specifically designed to work from the field to the decision maker. It handles all of the critical pieces required for effective forest monitoring — property boundaries (e.g., mills neighborhoods, concessions, farms, etc), forest and fire alerts, land use maps, and satellite imagery.

Forest Report monitors thousands of locations daily for deforestation and fires, aggregates results, so you can select specific cases for further review. High risk cases are turned into digestible reports for critical procurement decisions.

Supply chains can also be visualized using our advanced 3D mapping technology so you can explore the linkages between your various suppliers.

To aid field investigations, Forest Report now also features an integrated app so your suppliers can collect and report evidence of deforestation and securely send it to your Forest Report system.

3) We build our own technology

Forest Report is 100% built and maintained by MapHubs. We set up a dedicated version of our software for every client, so you are not sharing a platform with any other organization or depending on third party subcontractors. If you ever have a problem or a question, you correspond directly with us and we address it.

4) Tailored Service

No two supply chains are ever the same that’s why Forest Report is adaptable to a wide variety of commodities. Forest Report is currently being used to monitor palm oil in Indonesia, cocoa in West Africa, and cattle ranching in Paraguay. We get results in a wide variety of regions and commodities.

We constantly update our database for the latest data sources from land classification maps to oil palm concessions. Forest Report can use a variety of forest alert systems, fire hotspot detectors, satellite imagery services, and monitors anything from the smallest cocoa farm in Ghana to a giant cattle ranch in Paraguay.

5) Affordable

It’s no coincidence that watchdogs have been early adopters with Forest Report. They need a system that gets results and doesn’t break the bank. By building our own technology and developing detection methodologies that don’t depend on proprietary algorithms or imagery, we offer dedicated Forest Report platforms with all the support you need at competitive prices.

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