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Rita Martins
Nov 21, 2018 · 3 min read

This article talks about using the intercom platform for Mapify.

It was less than 1 year ago, at the beginning of the development of the platform that mapify acquired the Intercom services. Instead of the usual contact forms, this Customer Messaging Platform allowed incorporating a contact interactively with the outside!

Mapify, being a prototype and scalable platform, needed to be tailored with a custom solution. In the beginning, Intercom was integrated into the mapify platform to respond to issues directly related to project features, and then in the Help Center, where it is possible to find articles to support the use of Mapify.

Officially launched on Web Summit this year, Mapify only now has integrated with Intercom and is ready to receive feedback from everyone. We look forward to sharing feedback!

Mapify has a Help Center which is a public website where people can visit to find the answers about the product. It is still possible on the platform to see the article feedback and Smart suggestions. These articles are written directly on the intercom platform and the team can manage them. For Mapify, this Intercom product is a plus because it’s a simple way for people to search for features and Mapify can share all updates and group them together for a better organization. This Help Center also integrates the Custom bots.

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Management of articles on the Intercom platform and Mapify Help Center


ne of Mapify’s main goals is to promote the use of the platform quickly and easily and get to know its customers. To do this, we have adapted the functionality of Custom Bots from the Intercom for this initial phase of user experience. Custom Bots were released this year and with them, you can create completely customizable chatbots. This custom bots can be integrated into the company’s website, platform and Help Center. All incoming messages are saved and sent to the inbox of the management team. These custom bots aim to answer questions from visitors and customers of the platforms.

According to Paul Adams, Intercom’s VP of Product ‘is a completely new way of doing sales and marketing for internet businesses’ and also allows to manage conversations with customers and leads with the Intercom’s Custom Bots.

The Custom Bots is fully customizable for your business and are used for Sales and marketing.

The advantages of chatbot are that they work every day for users and visitors, you can ‘book meetings while you sleep’ said Paul Adams, and own the repetitive work, reply immediately and are easily scale, allowing to acquire more engagement.

Here is an example of a Custom Bots used by Mapify website:

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Custom Bots on Mapify website

‘Answer Bot uses machine learning and natural language processing to recognize and answer your customers’ common questions’ — Liam Keegan , Intercom

Within the customs bots, we integrate information for Demos and Google calendar where you can see the availability of a team element in the calendar and book calls. The intercom has an App Store, where you’ll find apps created by Intercom, apps created by other companies, and Messenger apps. You can add the necessary apps to custom bots depending on the purpose. For example, if the customer in the messenger wants to book a call, we will activate the app Get the demo, if the customer has a question about a tool and functionality, we’ll submit the article search.

Example of a chatbot to request a demo or article search of Mapify:

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Example of a chatbot

We expected to be another example of creating a high engagement with custom bots!

If you want to learn more about the platform, visit the website for scheduling demos and talking with the team. Mapify is also present on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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