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Maple’s New Groove

Sidney Powell
Jun 14 · 3 min read

Since we launched Maple Loans in February we thought hard about how to improve the UX for you. We thought, we iterated and now we’ve shipped 📦

We are thrilled to unveil the new Maple Loans front end.

Maple Loans started as a proof of concept in February 2020 after an epic 5 week sprint taking it from 💭 to live on mainnet. Rapid prototyping is great but the front end needed to catch up to delight our users 🥳. It needed to be EASY TO JOIN, EASY TO LEND and EASY TO BORROW.


🗝️ Login with Google, Facebook or Discord

🔎 Browse Lending communities and Join

Request to join as a Lender or Borrower in 2 Clicks.

Whitelist users to your community


💳 Lenders: fund loans with Apple Pay, Debit Card or Bank Transfer

Login with Torus using Google, Facebook or Discord to use Apple Pay with the options below.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Borrower credit scores

Maple is the first crypto lending platform to integrate a credit score. This marks a huge leap for undercollateralized lending.

We partnered with Credmark to showcase their Clear Score. The next gen credit score of crypto — showing how good a borrower’s repayment history on other DeFi protocols is. Borrower addresses are graded 0(worst)–1000(best) based on their usage of Maker, Compound, Nuo and others. Users start with a low score and level up when they build repayment history 🎮

📊 Portfolio Dashboard

Lenders have a portfolio view of forecast earnings. They can see upcoming repayments and track any missed payments.


🏎️ Borrow loans simply

3 Inputs 3 clicks from the Home page: Amount, Interest Rate and Loan Term

Maple is the first crypto lending platform to integrate credit scores in the lending process. This marks a huge leap for undercollateralized lending.

What’s Next 🔮

For undercollateralized lending to take off, its needs to attract Lenders by managing risk.

Reducing Risk for Lenders

Maple is a destination for Borrowers whose needs aren’t being met by traditional finance. Remote/gig economy workers, DeFi investors, digital businesses, gamers & collectors. Assessment of their credit risk is evolving.

While it evolves Maple will introduce ETH, RealT, tBTC, wBTC as collateral to boost security. For example Borrower Bob may offer 70% RealT as collateral with his loan request to get a better interest rate from Lenders. Attracted by the added protection of the collateral, Lenders will accept a lower interest rate from Bob. Better rates bring more Borrowers and the collateral brings more Lenders in a virtuous cycle.

About Maple Loans

Maple Loans is a lending tech platform where you can form Communities to Borrow and Lend undercollateralized digital loans. Maple’s tech takes care of onboarding borrowers; requesting, funding and settling loans; and making repayments.

Find out more about Maple: Twitter, Discord and Telegram

Maple Finance

Digital lending marketplace for crypto loans

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