Mapistry hyperlinks and elevations

Last week we added a couple of new features in Mapistry. Now, you can add a hyperlink (or email address) to any feature in your map. Here is a quick video on how to add a hyperlink to a photo. You can copy a URL to a video, photo, document, or website into the value field of an attribute. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the item in a new tab. For example, if you are monitoring construction activities on a construction project and want to link documents (e.g. plans) and photos to a specific inspection point, just copy the links from a FTP or shared folder into the attributes.

In addition, when a point is created, we now automatically include the elevation in the attributes. This information is very useful for determining relative gradient, such as for flow direction of surface water flow.

The elevation data is from Bing’s geoid sea level model, which is an approximation of Mean Sea Level (MSL) that uses an equipotential surface of the Earth’s gravitational field. The geoid model uses the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008 2.5’). Because gravity varies by location, the geoid sea level model is not a smooth shape like the ellipsoid model. Below is an image from Bing’s elevation documentation showing the Geoid Sea Level model.

While this elevation info is helpful, it should only be considered an approximation. Survey data from a licensed surveyor should be used if extremely accurate elevation data is necessary (e.g. pump station design).