New collaboration tools for mapping

We are thrilled to announce that our collaboration tools for sharing data and maps are now live. Mapistry has always allowed users to organize their maps and data into separate projects and share a link to those maps with others. However, we now took it a step further and enable users to improve their workflow by sharing maps with other users inside and outside their organization.

For example, a field mapping project can be started by a non-profit, which administers it (project admin role), but assigns access to the project to a group of volunteers (project contributors). The volunteers can log into their accounts from phones/tablets while in the field mapping rare plant species, GPS the locations and add info about each feature — all in Mapistry. The non-profit (and all the other volunteers) see the additions in real-time.

Another use case is in the environmental engineering industry, where a facility’s in-house staff maps out their stormwater system using Mapistry, but shares the maps with their consultant (project contributor role or project viewer [read only] role). The consultant can review the maps quickly, saving the client money, because in-house staff collected the data. However, the consultant can help with all phases of compliance from stormwater to hazardous materials storage to air emissions, because all the maps and data are in one central place. Now the client and consultant can talk about the project while viewing it all online — no more worries about which version of the pdf map each one is looking at today.

To get started on adding users to your projects, click on the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner (see below).

To add another admin to your organization, click on “organizations” and then “view/add admins.”

Organization admins can create projects and add others to projects. To invite someone to your organization, such as a colleague, type in their email address and an invite will be sent to them.

To create a new project or add users to existing projects, click on “projects” and the modal (below) will pop-up.

If you click on the “New Project” button, a modal will pop-up (see below) to name your project and assign it to an organization.

If you want to add users to your project, click on “add/view users” for that project. The modal (below) will pop-up and you enter their email and assign them a role. The user will receive an email inviting them to access the project. A project admin or contributor will need to have a paid account after our 14 day free trial expires. However, don’t be shy about inviting users to be project viewers, as they do not have to pay after their free trial expires.

Originally published at on January 24, 2015.