A 3-step process for developing purposeful organisations

Whether you’re designing a new organisation from scratch or transforming an existing one, these three steps will help you get there.

This is the advice I find myself repeating to Maptio customers, and my consulting clients as they go about developing modern, progressive organisations.

Step 1

Acknowledge the natural author of the vision, and get their vision clear.

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Before you get stuck into organisational thinking, you need to delve a layer deeper and understand the creative initiative which the organisation should be serving. Who is the author, and what’s the idea they are trying to realise?

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Step 2

Map how the overall vision breaks down into into the more specific visions which contribute to it.

An initiative map presented using the Maptio online tool.

It’s still not time for organisational thinking yet. Continue the process by mapping the natural creative hierarchy of how the overall vision breaks down into the ever more specific ideas which contribute to it. Recognise the natural author of each part, and who is helping them.

Read the guide to creating organisational clarity using initiative mapping.

Step 3

Develop an organisational operating system to support the initiative map and vision.

The Creative OS Canvas

Now it’s time to think about the organisational operating system. You can use the Creative OS Canvas to think through the six different areas which come together to make an organisational operating system.

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  • Instructions for the Creative OS Canvas.
  • Choose whether to make a radical change all at once; start with a division; or run multiple experiments across an organisation.

Tom Nixon is the founder of Maptio, an online tool to help you map the creative hierarchy in progressive organisations. You can register for early, pre-release access to Maptio here. Tom is also a coach and advisor to founders building modern organisations without traditional management structure and process.