Maptio explained in six screenshots

What is Maptio?

Maptio is a simple online tool for organisations that are fast-changing, with lots going on, and lean towards self-management over traditional management hierarchies.

What does it do?

Maptio lets you map and visualise the whole organisation or initiative: who’s responsible for what; who’s helping who; and how the overall vision breaks down into the smaller ideas contributing to it.

What are the benefits?

If you’re on a journey towards building a modern, progressive organisation, Maptio brings clarity to help you counter the risks of less management hierarchy:

  • increased accountability so things actually get done and don’t fall between the cracks;
  • a quicker way to onboard new people and get them up-to-speed with what’s going on;
  • speeds up and improves decision-making by seeing where new initiatives or changes might fit, and who you need to talk to;
  • more autonomy so people can take the initiative and make things happen, faster;
  • greater alignment — keeping everything working towards one vision not pulling in many different directions;
  • flexibility in how you work and organise. The tool is free from organisational dogma;
  • …and more sanity with everything presented visually.
Read more about what we’re building and who it’s for.

Maptio explained in six screenshots

1. Map your organisation or initiative

  • Quickly visualise your initiative in a pattern of nested circles.
  • Just enter the data and the map is automatically generated.
  • Photos show who’s responsible for what at a glance.

2. Keep track of who’s helping and where your other systems live

  • Easily link to other tools, systems and documents you might use for each initiative. We have integrations with Slack and other tools planned too.
  • Keep track of which team members are helping to realise each initiative.
  • Optionally specify each team member’s roles or accountabilities.

3. Use tags to set the status of initiatives or map themes across the org

  • Customise your own tags and colour scheme.
  • Tags are added to initiatives on the map.
  • Filter the map to highlight initiatives with particular tags.

4. See what individual team members are working on

  • List initiatives an individual is overall responsible for;
  • and where they’re not responsible but have other roles.
  • Show which other team members are involved in those things.

5. Tree view shows how initiatives flow into each other

  • Horizonal rather than vertical layout hints that it’s different to a management hierarchy. A creative hierarchy not power-over-people.

6. Network view shows how individuals are connected

  • Visualise who is helping who.
  • See who’s at the centre of things and who’s on the edge.
  • Arrows and line weights show direction and depth of connections.

Try Maptio for free

Maptio is being trialled right now by a small number of early customers. You can register for pre-release access.

Can’t wait? If you have a pressing need for Maptio you can book a video call with Tom Nixon and get set up even quicker (subject to demand.)

You can subscribe to the Maptio publication here on Medium for articles about self-management done right.

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